About Us


Meet our founder Genny Jones - Our Confident Queen

Pride of Britain Nominee 2013 for ITV Meridian Region

Featured on Britain's Got Talent 2012 and inspired the judges and audience

Genny Jones known as Confident Queen founded this company as a way of using  the experiences and lessons learnt from painful life events to be a gain to others

Genny has been featured in a number of TV, Radio and magazine interviews, as well as being in demand as an inspirational speaker and trainer.

"Lacking in confidence can mean that you close doors on yourself.   Adults as well as children worry about what others think of them and   focus on the negative.  The trick is to focus on the positive aspects and to also realise that other people are too busy to even think of you - they too are   thinking of their own issues!"  Says  Genny Jones - The Confidence Queen.

Funders - We are grateful to these funders who helped us to  start the journey of making our dreams a reality.



Our  Gift of Confidence, programme aims  to empower and equip children and adults with the tools they need to be more confident and live happier lives.

Our  Gift of confidence services,  will change the way you act, the way you walk, the way you communicate with people, and the way you hold yourself.  We can help you to maximise your potential and be the best  you can, so that you can live a life of limitless possibilities.

Our Gift of confidence will help you from childhood to adulthood, as we believe that "A child with confidence turns into an adult with confidence and an adult with confidence can achieve anything they set their mind and heart to."


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