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Get the latest fashionable hat and put it own with pride, and celebrate that you are a "Confident Queen"
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If you are organising an event, let us know so we can bring our bubbly selves with our mobile store equipped with gifts to make you feel confident and happy.
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 Molly, Queen of Confidence, is a successful author, Master Life Purpose Assessor/Trainer, certified professional Co-Active life coach, acclaimed entertainer and crackerjack motivational advocate. Molly’s been onstage before millions over the last 30 years, using her mad skills, huge tool set and robust sense of humor to inspire, entertain, teach and motivate. For more tips, tools, insights and inspirations from Molly, visit www.queenofconfidence.com
 Small box with positive affirmations
Gift of Confidence tool box with items which will add meaning to your life and can be used as a tool to boost your confidence level.
Feel Confident wearing these wonderful glasses!
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