Host a Happiness party now!

What is a happiness party?


A happiness party is where a group of people come together to relax, forget about any challenges they may be going through, and focus on ways to have a positive outlook to life. It is great to host a happiness party as you don’t need much expense or a large group to have a fantastic time. At the end of the party your guests would  have had a wonderful time, smile,  laugh a lot and take souvenirs of the party,


Things you can do:

  • Games to make you smile
  • Dress up in happy outfits
  • Singing and Dancing to the Happy Song
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Laughter challenge
  • Make your own Gift of Happiness Box which you keep
  • Take Happiness pledge
  • Receive your happiness award and take a picture


Number of people

Minimum of 5



Your house

Our venue

Your workplace

Other venue of your choice

Via Skype


Length of party

Minimum of 2  hours


Costs to suit your budget

Please contact us :genny@confidentqueen.co.uk