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 Over the years Confident Queen,  has used her experience to help both children and adults to be more confident and stand up to the bullies.  As  the New Super Hero "Confident Queen" she is now on a mission to help put a stop to bullying -
"A safe life. A happy environment. Where our children and young people can grow, learn and play. That's what we seek. That's why we're here" Join the anti-bullying alliance now
"Shaping Attitudes, Changing Behaviours"  join Beat Bullying
Book Confident Queen now to be pat of your anti-bullying week programmes.
What we offer;
  • 15 minutes sessions ( Includes short talk, singing and dancing to our infectious "Be Confident song")
  • 45 minutes workshop ( customised to suit all age groups)
  • Personal Appearance of Confident Queen at your school assemblies/events
  • Inspirational talks by Confident Queen on how to cope if you are being bullied
  • Sale of our Gift of Confidence Boxes with tools to equip and empower children to be more confident
  • Sale of our Positive Affirmation Boxes - with positive affirmations to help your children stand up to bullies and  be more confident and happier