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Business Start up course for primary aged school children

At our Confident Children's holiday and half term project, one of our aim is to develop and nurture our children’s leadership and entrepreneurial abilities by helping them to write a business plan to start up a business enterprise. Our children who attend are aged 5 - 11 years old.  The children also have an opportunity to gain practical experience of running a craft stall, healthy snack stall and a second hand store.


Using the Dragon's Den approach, drawn from the popular T.V. series, it helps children sharpen their reasoning and problem solving skills in a fun and creative way. Our Project encourages healthy competition, team working and challenge children to consider how resources can be allocated and how choices made affect future opportunities.


"Starting a business is a great way of helping kids to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Most of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs say they can remember always buying or selling, and doing various things to raise money from a very early age. It is never too early for a child to start a business.  Detailed below are some business ideas for kids as well as basic steps to success involved in starting a kids business." Money Smart World ©




Skills being learnt

  • Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Presentation of business idea based on "Dragon's Den"
  • Decision Making
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning
  • Marketing and Promotions and Public Relations
  • Sales and Customer Care
  • Getting funding to start up a business
  • Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Set up and run a second hand children's bookshop


Next session -   In Gravesend kent from 9am to 4pm ( additonal charges if you would like your child to stay later)

Monday  23rd July - Friday 27th July

Monday 30th July to Friday 3rd August 

Cost £10 per child per day


Resources  we have found useful to use:
Money Smart World

Financial Fiary Tales


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