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Stand out and Speak up



Public speaking is a skill that most people do not embrace at a young age. If our children are taught the art of public speaking at an early age, it can lead them to a doorway of other opportunities later on in life.


Public speaking skills for children are very important at a time when some parents have a busy schedule and some families do not even have time to talk to each other.


When a child has the confidence, and the ability to present themselves and their ideas in the clearest and brightest manner, these attributes will last them a lifetime.




Benefits of public speaking to  your child


Being able to converse with peers. 


They are able to express themselves in school they’ll be able to advance in their classes. 


 Later on in life they’ll be benefited on job interviews from their speaking skills. 


Benefits for parents


There is no greater joy, or pride for a parent than watching their child’s self-confidence bloom in every area of their life as they learn how to be articulate in front of people no matter how big the crowd



“Stand out and Speak up” will equip and empower children to:

·          Project their voices

·          Develop listening & thinking skills

·          Use pauses and adjust pace to engender interest

·          Use emphasis and vary vocal volume and pitch

·          Reduce distracting movements & nervous fiddling

·          Give sincere eye contact to the audience

·          Combine appropriate gestures to enhance their talk

·          Feel comfortable talking before a group

·          Create talks with structure

·          Accept feedback

·          Share positive feedback




Class duration: 1 ½ hours per week                                               When we meet ( contact us)


Class Style:

Interactive discussions encouraged
Round table discussions and regular speeches
Encouragement to enhance public speaking skills
Encouragement and Tips on Listening well
Videos and audio on speaking well
Themed Meetings - Theme of the Month
Regular assignments
Regular evaluations – by instructors and class mates