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Confident Queen Course


How to be a Confident Queen in 2012
You can also host this event at your home with a few friends!





In the current climate where there are so many pressures of life being felt at work and at home, self-confidence levels can often be low and in some cases diminish.


As Confident Queen, I know what it feels to have your confidence level so low that at times you don’t even want to look in the mirror. You start to feel that you are no good and let negative words drag you down! You are not alone, and together we can learn and share so that you will bring out the gift of confidence which I know is within you.


Based on my own personal experiences, and training, I have designed a series of tools to help you nurture and develop the gift of confidence which I know is within you. Together we will explore effective skills and techniques which will enable you to maximise your potential and be the best you can.


Settings for Gift of Confidence Sessions

Our unique Gift of Confidence workshops sessions can be customised for you at home with a couple of friends as a party, at your workplace or as part of a community group. You can also do an online course as well as sessions on skype.


Contents of a Gift of Confidence Session.


  • Check your current confidence level  - take the confidence test
  • Learn tips and techniques to boost your confidence level
  • Learn about the power of positive affirmations
  • Sing and Dance to our  infectious song “Be confident”
  • Make your own Gift of Confidence life long tool box
  • Learn how to use a vision board to plan for your future life of unstoppable confidence and happiness.
  • Take the Confidence pledge
  • Take a picture wearing the Confidence Queen Hat and Glasses!
  • Get your own copy of "Little Book of Confidence" by Molly Burke - Queen of Confidence 



Benefits of  a Gift of Confidence Session.


  • It will help you to celebrate the fact that you are unique, special, an original and not a copy.
  • It will help you to believe in yourself,  recognise your special gifts and talents.
  • It will change the way you act, the way you walk, the way you communicate with people, and the way you hold yourself. 
  • It will help you to maximise your potential and be the best you can, so that you can live a life of limitless possibilities.
  • The gift of confident box, the skills you learn, and the confident song will serve as a life time gift which you will carry in all stages of life from Childhood – Puberty – Adulthood.
  • Have fun and meet other wonderful women 
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