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Etiquette and Manners

Etiquette and Good Manners course for children


This course uses a variety of engaging games, songs and activities to teach children good manners and respectful behaviour in a fun way. At the end of the course, children will be presented a bronze certificate and be encouraged to work towards their, silver and gold certificate in good manners and etiquette.



Course Options:  £5 per session per child


Saturday course:s                      1 ½ hour session over over 4 weeks 


Half Term/School Holidays:          We include Etiquette and Manners as part of our holiday courses - contact us for more details


Venue – the courses will be in Gravesend, but we can run the course at a venue of your choice.


What we cover in the course:

  1. How to meet and greet other people.
  2. Why etiquette and good manners are important.
  3. The importance of other people.
  4. How to properly say please, thank you, and you’re welcome.
  5. What a child can do when he or she make mistakes.
  6. How to show tact when other people make mistakes.
  7. When and how to apologize gracefully.
  8. Avoiding rudeness and disrespectful behaviors.
  9. Dealing with “No.”
  10. Sharing
  11. Gift giving and receiving.
  12. Complete table manners, from sitting quietly at the table, to using utensils, dealing with food that doesn’t taste good, folding napkins, and eating a complete meal with proper etiquette.
  13. Practicing good hygiene.
  14. Dealing with teasing and bullying.
  15. Being a skillful conversationalist.
  16. Joining and exiting a group in conversation.
  17. Telephone manners and safety.
  18. Internet and “texting” safety.


For more details contact: genny 07913311018 email:



Also available:

Train to be Certified Children's Etiquette and Manner’s Trainer Cost £250