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Happiness Island for Corporate and SMEs

 This is a place anyone can escape to using your imagination to experience things that you want to in my life. Happy Island allows you  to experience a life of limitless possibilities.   In the workplace, we use Happy Island as a means for managers and staff to explore and discover how they can be happier in themselves and improve their attitude to their work, to their colleagues and the work environment too. 

Happier workplaces are better for people and for business

 Only 2% of people say they work just to pay the bills; Being happy at work is important for 90%. Yet over half of us are unhappy at work.

Happiness at work for Leaders - using the “Escape to Happiness Island model©

This workshop will provide a truly inspiring opportunity for leaders to transform their thinking as they enter Happy Island where they will explore their current leadership style and discover a new approach to leadership which will stimulate learning and allow positive changes in themselves and the people they lead.

The key to being a happy leader is having a focus on well-being, not just in the workplace, but in all aspects of your life. As a leader, when you are happy in yourself and happy about your roles and responsibilities in your organisation, this will help you to lead a happy staff team. Research shows that when people are happy ideas flow, relationships flourish, decisions come easily and they are more resilient in times of difficulty.

At the end of the workshop, participants will take with them the "Gift of being a happy leader toolbox", as well as some of the techniques and strategies they have learnt.

 Happiness at work for your staff - using the “Escape to Happiness Island model©”

The Happiness workshop is an inspiring, interactive and entertaining experience which will have a huge impact on the wellbeing of your staff and help reduce stress and absenteeism. Happiness in the workplace makes for more productive and creative employees. It also has a positive flow on effect into their personal and home lives.

Our workshop enables participants to enter Happy Island where they will explore and discover ways to increase their happiness level in their workplace by completing various tasks. At the end of the course, participants will take with them the "Gift of Happiness at work tool box" and some of the strategies they have learnt.

Our workshops can be held at one of our venues or a venue of your choice.